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Ordering a copy

If ordering birth/baptism, marriage or burial certificates, please send an email to including the Name, Date Shelf mark and Folio number of the person required for an official certificate.

Any other copies that you require can be ordered through our on-line order form. Before filling the form in, please read this.
  1. Ordering records with an IOR reference

    Next to Manuscript no or BL shelfmark on the order form:
    Enter ‘IOR:’ followed by the reference as far as ‘f.’ or ‘p.’ (for example, ‘IOR:N/1/125’ or ‘IOR:L/MIL/9/123’).
    Next to Pages/folio numbers required:
    Enter the reference from ‘f.’ or ‘p’ to the end (for example, ‘ff. 324-36’ or ‘p. 326’).
    Next to Title:
    Enter the name of the person whom the record is about (for example, ‘Jane Smith’).
    Next to Required Product:
    Enter the kind of copy you would like (for example, ‘paper’). The order form lists the kinds available.
  2. Ordering records from other sources

    Look up the reference in Sources. If the entry here includes a shelfmark, then:
    Next to Manuscript no or BL shelfmark:
    Enter the shelfmark (for example, OIR 026.954 or T12363)
    Next to Pages/folio numbers required:
    Enter the page number(s) from the reference (for example, p. 346)
    Next to Title:
    Enter the title as it appears in the list (for example, ‘Asiatic Journal’)
    If the entry does not include a shelfmark, you cannot order a copy from that particular source on-line.

  4. Where several sources are listed, order each one separately. Up to five orders may be placed at any one time.

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